How To Write A Great Blog Post

how to write a great blog post
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Blogging is a fruitful way to reach your audience. But, it requires efforts to be valued with your blog. So you may need some tips about how to write a great blog post.

1) Keyword still matters for blogging

Until now, I have already used my keyword, which is a phrase, once. Here comes the second one: “How to write a great blog post.” You are supposed to use your keyword in the first paragraph of your article once.

It is not all technical. When you state your keyword, your reader will know the subject and the purpose of the post.

But, how did I come up with this keyword for this article? I needed to take a few steps that started with thinking about my key topics. What do I want to say on my blog? Who is my audience? What are the characteristics of the people to whom I desire to reach with my blog? These are the questions to ask.

how to write a great blog post
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Finding topics

Let’s take mine as an example: My blog is under my agency website. My agency is about content marketing, SEO, blogging, and translation. So these are my topics. If you are selling organic baby clothes, “organic baby clothes” is your topic. Be generic and straightforward while finding your topics.

Finding keywords

Let’s go one step further and find our keywords. In this part of the work, you may need various tools such as Google Keyword Planner or At this step, you will check which keywords your audience use to search about your topics.

Start with searching for your topics and analyze the monthly search numbers and the competition of these keywords. If your blog is new, try to go with the less competitive keywords. This is not about how experienced, or great you are in this topic.

In my example, my topic was “blogging,” and I ended up with “how to write a great blog post.” It sounded an excellent start for me. What do you think?

blog post

2) Best headline for best SEO

You do not have to copy and paste your keyword to your headline. Already, the keyword will not always be useful as a headline. In my case, I preferred to use my keyword as a headline because it is simple. It also has a target on its own. As you can see, I just want to explain how to write a great blog post here.

There are different ways to write a headline. You can use numbers, questions, how-to structure to attract the attention of your audience.


Writing a blog is not like writing a book or printed article. Your readers will be checking your blog post in the middle of many distractions. An easy-to-read content will help them focus on it. Subheadings are a great way to do this. Also, subheadings will improve the SEO score of the content. Enjoy the best of both worlds!


3) Write a useful blog post

The internet is full of useless content, and people are sick of it. They don’t want to waste their time to reach a piece of information. Be direct while giving the information, and do not act as a surprise box (because you are not).

Here, I do not mean to make a list of information. There is no doubt that the storytelling is engaging, but make it simple and clear. Here is my tip, which may help you. Start by telling what this post is about, share simple information, and then split your content into subheadings to give more details about the subject.

In this blog post, I used one main headline: “How To Write A Blog Post.” And three H2 subheadings. Two of my subheadings have H3 subheadings as well.

With this structure, I tried to make my post easy to read by categorizing my content. Try to ignore the subheadings, and you will see it is too complicated to follow the points that I share.

Tip: Do not write sentences longer than 20 words!

See the tools that will help you write a great blog post!

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