Is Blogging Still Good for Companies in 2020?

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Will we continue blogging in 2020? Do we need to change our content marketing strategies?

No matter how big they are, all companies have embraced blogging habits at a great pace. I don’t know if there is any research about the number of companies without a blog, but I can say that many companies give importance to blogging to have a share in the market.

Do we need to keep investing in blogs in 2020? Does blog content still have a considerable impact on reaching the target audience?

Yes, blogging remains an effective way of communicating with your audience in 2020. However, the trend of “content for SEO” that started going out of date in 2018 keeps losing its influence.

Content for User

Regardless of the format of your content, you need to focus on the user. You can reach your target audience through your blog when you create contents that give them information to make their life easier or entertain them.

Well, why/how?

Google holds more than 90% of the global market share. 47% of people who want to buy a product or service are doing research through Google before attempting to buy. “Ask Google” is now a part of life.

Companies that make regular blog-sharing have 67% more leads than non-blogging companies. The system is actually very simple: If the customer is looking for the product on Google, you must be found by the customer on Google to be preferred.

Consider organic search statistics

When you prepare user-focused and high-quality content, your chances of getting a satisfactory result increase greatly. Allow organic search statistics to guide you through this. If you know how the user behaves, you can give them the content they want.

What do the statistics say about user behavior? Some of the information that will give you an idea when preparing blog content is as follows:

  • There is an average of 1,890-word content on Google’s top pages.
  • 50% of people search using four or more words.
  • 70–80% of search engine users click on organic results.
  • Adding videos to blog content increases organic traffic by 157%.

  • What do these statistics tell us?

    First of all, the 300-word content that everyone sees enough should be replaced by longer texts. However, when writing long content, repeating yourself and including unnecessary sentences reduce the quality of the text. The content needs to be prepared within a context from start to finish and respond to a need.

    Searching with four or more keywords indicates that the user is searching in detail. These details can be a specific location or specific features of a particular product or service. For example, people don’t expect to find the ideal air conditioner by using the “air conditioner” keyword. Instead, they are searching for exactly what they need, such as “air conditioner that uses less electricity”.

    We can never deny that advertising is very important, but it seems that focusing on organic results is advantageous. Content that tells the user the detailed features of your product or service can help you to be found by searchers who use four or more keywords.

    Video content is still on the rise. Product videos have the power to increase sales by 144%. The fact that video content is more reliable can be considered as an important reason for this increase. Users want to see a real person in front of the camera who conveys information.


    It seems important to keep blogs updated in 2019. However, these updates are not very meaningful unless they provide useful content to the user. It is necessary to get to know the target audience and to prepare the content to meet their needs. The high-quality text of blog content and the inclusion of video content in blog posts will be the key to success in blogging in 2019.

    The source for statistical information:


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